What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur by PeoplePlus

April 13th, 2016

A Common trait of Successful Entrepreneurs

The best entrepreneurs are those who are aware of their business and the changing nature of the market and their target customer. They respond to these changes and are willing to adapt their business plan and approach.

Some think that people who start their own business have to be stubborn, rigid, with a great discipline to succeed. The last one might be true but the rest are definitely not.

Not being able to change your mind might be the worst thing for your business.

To succeed in becoming self-employed and making an earning you have to listen to your customer. They should be the driver behind everything you do – because without them you can’t survive.

Getting feedback from others

Being willing, keen even, to embrace change is a serious competitive edge for any entrepreneur and feedback from other people can be your greatest asset.

By asking, and listening, to your customers you can get an understanding about what’s working well and what you could be doing better. Most people are happy to provide a bit of feedback if you ask. Talk to them, give them a survey to fill in or simply ask your social media following for their thoughts.

You can also do some research into businesses like yours to find out how they succeeded and where they went wrong. This isn’t going to be super easy but you can use Google to search for similar business ideas and there should be some blogs and articles available.

You should take all of these insights on board and use them to shape and evolve your business into something your customers want and need.

Being willing to evolve

What’s got you this far won’t be what takes you forward.

Once you behind to get some traction in your business it’s vital that you keep changing, developing and updating your product and offer to fit the need of your top customers. Your market might change or you might have further ideas to develop your product or service.

Obviously there are some limits to how much evolving will mean for your business. If you are a painter you might not want to change to become a builder. But you can definitely change other things about your business:

–        the way you present and market yourself

–        which customers you decide to target

–        the product or service that you offer

Having an open mind-set can be the factor that separates those people who are successful and those that aren’t.

Get the right people around you.

The quicker you can get the right people around you the better. They need to understand your vision and be proactive in working with you to make it happen. Surround yourself with people who have skills that you don’t necessarily have.

Stay creative

Make sure that you continue to be creative. Continually think outside the box, evaluating what you do and how you can do it better.

You should be eager to discuss your business and idea with those around you for creative input. Find people who may have skills you don’t have to get their opinion and be open to their feedback. Always accept ideas from people, even if you don’t agree with them immediately.

The exact steps you’ll need to take will depend upon you, your business and your attitude towards change. But whatever you have to do to adapt – if you are willing to change then it is likely you will succeed.

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